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This week, a couple of matters that I would like t

posted date: Friday 20th September 2019

Church Camp


A big thank you to the team that have pulled together the camp this year. If it is anything like last year’s camp, we are in for a treat. As there are growing numbers of new people in the church, church camp allows us, as one church family, to hang out and get to know one another. Plus there is great food, good laughs, and the occasional drama to keep us on our toes. I have heard whispers that the youth are excited and looking forward to this weekend.


I am also aware that a number of people are unable to come to camp, especially for the Sunday morning service. If you need a ride then please let us know and we will try and organise transport. But can you also pray a blessing on the camp, as this is an increasingly important part of the church’s life together.


Mission Trip


On Friday 20th September it was 3 weeks until the Mission Team leave for Bangladesh. The team are very grateful for the help and support they have received as we have raised funds for the trip. Fifty percent of these funds are being used for a “dream gift” for the Meyers. This is bringing the deputy principal of G.E.M.S. school in Dhaka to New Zealand for some professional development in another cultural context.


Now, we need your prayers. These trips are life changing, but they are also subject to spiritual battles. We ask you to stand with us, not only in the time away, but in the weeks after we come back and process all we have seen and heard.


A big thank you to …


Greg White - Greg has been responsible for the sound and data in the church for many years now. However, due to changing circumstances, Greg has stepped aside from this role, but will still remain part of the team. Thanks Greg for everything you have done.  It is appreciated.


Kay Palmer - Kay has also stepped down from leading the prayer ministry. Prayer and worship to me are two of the “coal face” ministries, in the heat of the battle. I am grateful for Kay’s contribution in this area.


Chris Figg - Chris has agreed to step into the role of Property Ministry leader. I am very grateful for the skills that he brings to this role.


Russell Sainsbury  - Russell is stepping back from property. Thank you Russell for your work in keeping the property up to date.


So, there is a lot going on in the life of the church. Please continue to pray that as a body we would continue to reflect the amazing love of Christ in all we say and do.