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I've been thinking - 18 October 2020

posted date: Friday 16th October 2020

As I reflect on the last week, I am deeply grateful to God for bringing us to the moment in time when we appointed our Assistant pastor.  It has been a long journey of some 18 months, with, as those who attended last week will be aware, many ups and downs along the way.


As I reflect back, and as Jonathan expressed on Sunday, where we ended up is not where we expected to be 18 months ago. But then that is God. He is a God of the surprising twists and turns of life, but where He will work out His purposes.  But He is with us in the process and in the outcome.


As I reflect on this process, it also reminds me that God has been faithful to His people over centuries. Not for days or weeks, months or years, but for centuries, God has been working out His plan of redeeming His people. And He is still at work today, purposing, arranging, planting seeds, breaking up hard ground, teaching, raising up the right people and so the list goes on. God is preparing His church, His people for the day when Jesus will return and all things will be made new.


And you have a part to play.  You may not think so, but God has gifted you to be a part of His big story.  So keep your ears open to listen, keep your eyes open to see, and ask God, what is the part you are calling me to play in what you are doing both at Avonhead Baptist Church and in New Zealand?


God is at work. God will fulfil His promises. For God is a faithful promise keeping God.