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I've been thinking - 16 February 2020

posted date: Friday 14th February 2020

I was challenged afresh on Sunday about my role in the priesthood of all believers. Were you? God has gifted each one of us to serve Him, both inside the church building and outside our walls. As Lynne and I served tea and coffee between the services, we joked that we were ‘priesting’, but actually we realised this is exactly what we do when we serve. We are all priests, not just those who stand up the front and speak or lead, but those who look after our property, who greet at the doors, who pray for the hurting, who sweep the steps, etc. 


In our church in Wellington we had a man who, every Sunday after the service, would be the last to leave, and would check all windows and doors were locked. Was that considered a priestly role? To those who were able to leave without worrying that this would be done, it was an invaluable gift of service. In my role as Training Facilitator, to date I have helped with organising training events: setting up and packing down, providing resources and gifts for speakers, etc. But this year I am excited to go deeper. Let’s all find out what we are gifted to do … and discover how we can do it! Let’s create an opportunity to find out what is involved in different areas of service and determine if God is inviting us to serve Him in one of these.      Watch this space!