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I’ve been pondering ... 8 December 2919

posted date: Friday 6th December 2019

Earlier this year I preached a sermon on the armour of God, and in particular the shield of faith, which could be translated the shield of justice. I reflected on what it means to live justly in this world, considering how we spend our money, caring for the environment, etc.


As we come towards Christmas, advertising from retailers encourage us to buy this and that to create the “perfect” Christmas experience. Even this morning, I saw an ad for a jewellery company suggesting you could get Christmas sorted by spending hundreds of dollars on their products for your loved ones.


It is so hard to change our habits and not purchase stuff that maybe won’t even be used in a few months time.


So, as you think about Christmas and how you will celebrate, can I suggest we think about what we do and why?  This may include:


· Talking to family and agreeing on how much or how many gifts will be given?

· Thinking about the type of gifts you buy, maybe creating shared experiences together instead of giving another pair of socks!

· Not buying small gifts simply to give people extra gifts (that box of favourite chocolates).

· Considering where gifts are made and how ethical they are?


In considering these matters, the central question for me is, how does what I do this Christmas, put Jesus at the centre of our Christmas celebrations? Not just in terms of attending Christmas services, but thinking about what we buy and why. Following on, how do we show our love for our family, but concern also for the “others” in what we buy this Christmas.


Something to ponder?