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I've been thinking - 3 November 2019

posted date: Friday 1st November 2019

Mission -  it is such an important word within the life of church and our attitude to mission often puts on display the heart and value of a community of faith.


Over the last few months there have been a number of significant events that have occurred or will occur that express the mission heart of the church.


The fundraising events for the mission trip allowed people in the church to interact with many people from the community in sometimes deep and meaningful ways.


Thursday we had the Sonshine Party, which is a significant interaction with the community.  This year we had an addition to the previous years events.   The church office was be opened for people who have questions about God. I'm grateful to the Warren & Rhonda Judkins for being willing to be there for people seeking answers.


The recent trip to Bangladesh was a significant event for all of those who went.  I am not able in this short space to express all that occurred, but we cannot thank the church enough for the prayer covering which was significant. There has been fruit already from the trip both in the lives of those who went, but also in within the schools in Dhaka and Chandpur.


Mission is at the heart of God and it is encouraging for me to see new expressions of ministry people have discussed with me. These new expressions may not have come to pass yet but I'm encouraged by what God is doing in people's lives.


How is God calling you to mission? It could be a matter of crying out to God for those who need his love. It could be offering to have your neighbour over for a coffee. It could be as challenging as getting involved in a ministry that is outside your comfort zone.


Whatever it is, Lord Jesus continue to breath upon our hearts for the lost, that they would come to know your love and grace we pray in Jesus name.