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I've been thinking - 20 October 2019

posted date: Friday 18th October 2019

Spring is my favourite time of  the year… All those new beginnings and promises of things to come.


As I am writing I am watching a couple of Tui swooping in and out of the branches, gurgling to one another as part of their mating ritual and a pair of quails have just run across the grass.— in a few weeks’ time they will be followed by a dozen or so little quails following in their footsteps..


Our fruit trees are in bud and small knobbly green shoots about to burst into leaf mean fruit will follow, as sure as day follows night. The circle of life continues.


And as I look into the eyes of our small grandson I see the miracle of all those thousands of tiny cells that have been ”knit together in his mother’s womb” that will one day become a man who will be “fearfully and wonderfully made”.


Isn’t creation awesome?


If we just stop and look and listen for a brief moment we cannot but help be constantly reminded of the great architect and engineer behind it all and that in the chaos and confusion of our day-to-day lives we can know that He is God, the one who is alpha and omega, who holds our world in his hands, the creator of all things.


So take a moment this week to stop, look and reflect… and marvel!!


Kathy Bougen