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I've been Thinking - 6 October 2019

posted date: Friday 4th October 2019

We have now come to the end of the book of Ephesians, and this week will move on to start looking at the book of Jonah.


But should we move on?


What do I mean? I remember reading of a pastor who once preached a sermon on loving one another. The next week, he preached the same sermon. When asked why, he simply said because we are not loving one another yet. So he preached that same sermon I believe four times until people started to put into practise what was being taught.


Paul tells us that it is not one another we battle against, but rather against the powers of darkness. I was reminded of something I heard shared recently. As brothers and sisters, we should be “unoffendable”. Or put another way, when we don’t agree with one another, we DON’T take offence at one another. It is a part of loving one another, not holding grudges but willing to forgive each other. And if it not flesh and blood that we battle, we need to add this into the equation as well.


These words are so easy to write, or to say, but at times so hard to live out. It reminds of the saying “To live above with saints we love; oh that will be glory. But to live below with saints we know; well that’s a different story.”


But in that living below, will we choose to love, to forgive, to be unoffenable when we do not agree together?


Food for thought.