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I've been/am thankful ...

posted date: Friday 27th September 2019

At church camp last weekend, during the morning sessions we were encouraged to find things we could be thankful for. You will see a board with some of these on as you go into the hall this morning. So here are some of the things I am  thankful for of late:


For God’s constant provision - We have raised the money for the new data projector, and I am also grateful for the ongoing generosity of those in the church who give as the Lord leads them.


For the wise words of children - At camp this year, one child talked about the new tradition we have in the church of church camp. (There were a number of comments by the children about how much they enjoy camp!)


For the gifts within the leadership team - From the elders to the finance team, to the home group leaders, to the data and sound operators, to … there are many people who give their time and skills and for this I am thankful.


For Karen - I am not sure I can put into words to gift she is to me, and thereby to us. She is wise, humble, thoughtful, she notices people, is gentle … I could go on (and she would say I do!) God has indeed blessed be a helpmate and best friend.


For the gift of prayer - Have you paused and considered how amazing it is that we can stop, and talk to God, the creator of heaven and earth, and He listens!


For the Holy Spirit - Who lives within us, guiding, speaking, encouraging, healing …. I am so grateful.


For those who have gone before - Avonhead Baptist today is built upon the foundation of those who have faithfully served and given over the last 50+ years. Thank you Jesus for their faithfulness.


I could go on …


As you go about this week, maybe you could count your blessings as well.  What do you have to be thankful for?