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I been thinking ...

posted date: Thursday 5th September 2019

Over the last few weeks we have been looking at the subject of Spiritual Warfare.


If we are honest, this is not a subject that we in the West often consider. We see ourselves as logical and scientific, rather than having “things” or “spirits” having or affecting some part in our lives.


But this is a very Western perspective, and I would argue not the view of many cultures of the world. When Karen and I lived in Asia, many people would have experiences of seeing spirits, and they were fully aware of their influence.


This reflection is obviously not a place to have a deep and meaningful study on the whole subject, so let me paraphrase a helpful comment I read many years ago in this regard by A W Tozer.


Tozer suggested that there are two dangers when it comes to Spiritual Warfare.


1. That we see Satan and spirits involved in everything, blaming them for everything. In a perverse way, we glory Satan by focusing on what he is doing, and often times becoming afraid in the process.

2. The second danger Tozer suggested was that we ignore Satan, don’t believe he is real or that there is in fact a spiritual realm. In so doing, we open the door for Satan and his cohorts to have undue influence in our lives.


Tozer then went on to suggest that the best path for Christians was for us to keep our eyes firmly fixed on Jesus, and to allow Him to lead and to guide us into all truth.


Food for thought.






Church Camp


Can I encourage any of you who are unsure if you will be coming to camp, to make the effort.  It is a great time to be together, to meet new people and to hear what God would say to us through the weekend.


As the church continue to have new people come, events like the church camp play an increasingly important role in keeping people connected and functioning as a family.


I trust you can make it.