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I've been learning ...

posted date: Wednesday 21st August 2019

I write this note as I prepare to travel to Auckland to undertake a week’s training at Laidlaw College.


For me, one of the challenges in life is to continue to be open to learning and growing. In the ever-changing culture we find ourselves in, continued learning takes on ever greater importance.


However important as learning is, there is a caution for me. Today you can switch on your TV or mobile device and find any manner of websites or podcasts that pander to your own view on life without ever having to consider another person’s perspective.


This was brought home to me recently on a flight when the passenger next to me had an interesting conversation about all manner of current topics happening today. In the midst of this conversation, she said, “I can read whatever I want on the internet, but I really appreciate talking face to face and hearing what other people think.” An interesting thought.


So, whether it be a sermon you hear, what you choose to read, or the people that you talk to, as I listen to a developing theology and weigh up what is being taught, can I encourage you to consider how God would stretch and grow you in new ways in the days and weeks ahead.