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A Note from the Elders

posted date: Friday 16th August 2019

If you want to get the right answer you have to start by asking the right question.


For some years now we’ve been discussing whether we want to have one worship service on a Sunday morning or two. We used to have two morning services before the earthquakes, so if you can remember that you’ve been a part of this church for more than eight years.


The problem is that we’ve not been discussing the right question, which is “Does God want Avonhead Baptist to grow?” If the answer to that question is yes, and the elders believe it is, then we either need more than one service on a Sunday morning, or we need to find a bigger space to worship in. Church growth studies suggest that when congregations are using 80% or more of the available seating there tends to be little or no further growth and that’s the position we have and have had for some years now. Over that time our attendance records show a slight upwards trend in morning services. So if we want to grow we will need to change the way we do Sunday morning worship.


At their meeting last Tuesday, the elders made several decisions about this.


· We will revert to our former seating arrangement.

· From the beginning of the next school year we will be moving to have two services on a Sunday morning. Ideally, we would like both services to be the same and include a children’s programme.

· The “Russley School” service will become the opportunity for both congregations to worship together, as well as the place where those who wouldn’t normally darken the door of a church building can experience worship in a non-church setting.

· The change won’t require much in the way of additional financial expenditure, however we urgently need to upgrade the overhead projector at an estimated cost of $4,500. Is this something you could contribute to? If so any donations would be appreciated by the middle of September.


The details of this will be worked through over the next few months. It will require more people to commit to serve on a Sunday morning, which if you want to grow your Christian faith is a positive thing. Watch this space for more information on the details, and for the serving opportunities that will become available.


Ian Payton

Chair of Elders