Services: Until further notice there will be no Sunday services at 102 Avonhead Road. Instead the service will be streamed online at 10am Sunday. The link for the service is:


posted date: Thursday 27th June 2019

As you can imagine, setting up a church service in a school hall takes a number of volunteers, and we are grateful to all those that help out.

Across New Zealand today there are many churches that gather in school halls and  community centres and they all need to set up and pack down.  The difference is, they do it every week, whereas normally we meet at 102 Avonhead Road!

So why do people give up their time, especially on a Sunday morning, to volunteer and enable churches to gather and worship God?

I am sure there are a variety of answers to this question. However, underpinning many of them is that they do so as an expression of their gratitude for changes that Jesus has made in their lives. It is a story that has been repeated countless times since the resurrection of Jesus, and His disciples shared this same story at the start of the early church.

It is a truth that as a church we continue to testify to. Following Jesus heals our deepest wounds, gives purpose for our lives, peace in our hearts and hope for our future.

This morning’s service will look at a passage in the Bible in which someone who loved God asks God, “Where are you in the midst of my hardships?”  I trust this reflection, and the service as a whole, will be an encouragement to you.  And as always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us.


Bruce White