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I've been Thinking - 23 June 2019

posted date: Friday 21st June 2019

I am sure many people are familiar with the constant questions of a growing toddler, especially when they go through the “why?” phase of life.

However, no matter how old we get, the “why” of the situations we find ourselves in in life, are important.

Next Sunday, we are holding our morning service at Russley School. The question I have been asked a number of times is “why are we meeting there, and not at 102 Avonhead Road?”

There are a couple of simple reasons:

1. We want to provide a clear opportunity for people in the church to invite friends and family to a shorter, thoughtful introduction to Avonhead Baptist Church.

2. Looking ahead, as we continue to grow, there will come a time when will need to meet in two Sunday morning services. Having a single Sunday service a couple of times during the year will allow the church to continue to mix and mingle together.

I am aware that people enjoy gathering at “our home” in Avonhead Road. However, while it is not a reason we gather at Russley School, going to Russley School also reminds us of the many churches across the world who meet in all sorts of different venues, all seeking to reach people with the love of Jesus.

So, please pray this week and ask God to show you who you can bring along.  And as you do, please also pray for the numerous brothers and sisters in Christ across the globe that have no “home” and at times, also no safe regular meeting place.

See you there next Sunday, 30th June.