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I've been Thinking - 5 May 2019

posted date: Friday 3rd May 2019

Easter Camp was, as always, an interesting challenging experience. I always enjoy the challenge of being with the young people and sharing life together.

As I sat in the ABC marquee this year, I rolled over in my mind our vision statement “Discipling the Nations across the Ages”.  As I thought about it, I asked myself a simple question, how would we react if people, young or old, came to church and behaved in ways that we might struggle with?

Before you answer, stop for a moment and consider what is important to you when you come to church.  The music? The fellowship? The … you fill in the gaps. What if, in order to share with these people the love of Jesus, we had to change our music, our preaching, our … how would you feel?

I have to confess that I don’t like these questions because they often require answers that challenge what I consider important in coming to worship God. But I am also challenged by the thought, what will it take for us to be Christ to this generation?