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I've been Thinking - 10 February 2019

posted date: Friday 8th February 2019

I wonder how many people have hung around kids who are going through the “why” phase of life? You know what I mean I am sure, every request or statement is met with the simple question “why”?


It is such a simple question and yet the answer has deep and profound implications for how we live our everyday lives.  What drives us, WHY do we do what we do? This applies to us personally, as families, and as the body of Christ.


The answer to the “why” in our lives defines our values.  We all have them, we all live out of them, yet often we have not thought about and verbalised what they actually are.


With this in mind, the elders and ministry leaders got together last weekend to start to ask these “why” questions. The purpose was to think about what values we hold as a church, the values that shape our vision, our mission and finally our behaviour.  This is not a quick process. It requires thought and prayer. However, we have started and when we have a clearer and agreed idea of what we sense shapes us as a body, we will create some ways for processing this in the wider church.


We would appreciate your prayers as we seek to define the values that are unique to us as a part of the body of Christ.