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I've been Thinking - 9 December 2018

posted date: Friday 7th December 2018

Kingdom Resources helps over 2000 adults and their children each year with their budgeting and employment needs.  Our team is in the front line of Christian community mission and financial need.  Most of our clients have little or no connection to God and for some, our staff offering to pray with them may be their first such experience.

Three weeks out from Christmas, we are hearing from some of our budgeting clients “Do you know anywhere I can get [free] Christmas presents for my kids?”  The kids hear about Christmas even at pre-school – not necessarily the Christ Christmas but the Santa Christmas! Even at that young age, they become conditioned to expect:

· Presents under the tree.  What tree? That’s another $12 to find on top of the presents cost!

· That Santa visits good kids.  So … what does that say to the child living in a home where Santa doesn’t visit?

At Kingdom Resources we are privileged to journey with people through a financially challenging part of their lives.  We have a unique opportunity to offer alternatives, teach new skills and pray with clients. We might not have changed the world yet but we have started – one family at a time! It’s tough and it’s challenging on a daily basis, so any prayer support you can offer us and our clients into 2019 is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

John Exton

General Manager, Kingdom Resources