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I've been Thinking - 18 November 2018

posted date: Wednesday 14th November 2018

I am grateful to God and ABC for giving me the opportunity to be a delegate to the 2018 Baptist Union Hui in Palmerston North.  I went there not knowing what to expect and God “showed up”. I had an amazing time understanding the working of the Baptist Union and NZBMS and met many brothers and sisters who were passionate for the kingdom of God.

Being Baptists, naturally there were issues and disagreements but this allowed God to show forth His amazing grace for resolution of such disagreements. The road to bicultural acceptance was something that was raised and I was so touched by the grace shown by the Maori brothers and sisters in listening and responding gracefully. This showed me that we can have disagreements but we need to ask God for His grace to accept each other.

Most importantly I was reminded of the DNA of the Baptist movement which is for missions and reaching the lost. Our primary calling is to be witnesses for Jesus Christ (Acts 1:8) This is a continuing process. Not only we witness about our salvation but we are to witness to His daily goodness and His transforming work in our lives. Not witnessing is not an option. I pray that we will begin to have         “witnessing” conversations with each other and with those who do not know Jesus.


Andrew Khor