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I've been Thinking - 11 November 2018

posted date: Friday 9th November 2018

Many people who attend a Baptist church today, are not “Baptist” in the sense that they have been raised in Baptist churches.

Last week, the service leader Wendy, mentioned that Andrew Khor, Karen and myself are going to the Baptist Hui. So a little explanation of what this means may be helpful.

Each Baptist church in NZ is able to govern their own affairs, finances, etc. However, to safeguard the future, while we use and decide what we do with our buildings, the actual building title is vested in the Baptist Union of NZ. The Baptist Union is the national body and serves the local churches in whatever ways they can, from legal matters, to health and safety to getting bulk discounts for churches.

Alongside the Baptist Union, is the Baptist Missionary Society (NZBMS). This, as the name suggests, organises and supports people who are called by Baptist churches to serve in
the Asia Pacific region. Avonhead, currently supports Lizzie & Joel Carter, and the Bloomfields, through NZBMS, in the ministry overseas.

We have our Theological College, Carey Baptist College, in Auckland, that not only trains people for pastoral ministry, but also is open to students on site or by distance to gain a solid theological education.

Finally, in the Canterbury region, we have a local association that seeks to support churches in the task of mission in our local context. Both the national and regional organisations are funded by levies from the local churches.

So, this is a brief snapshot of how Baptists function in NZ. The annual Hui (meeting) in November, gives an opportunity for churches to gather, meet, fellowship, hear what God is doing in other churches and wrestle with the issues facing us. So, we would appreciate your prayer, that we would hear what God is saying to us during our time, this year, in Palmerston North.