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I've been Thinking - 4 November 2018

posted date: Friday 2nd November 2018


Most of you will have heard about my journey over the last few weeks.

I have had a total Hip Replacement due to a barn dancing accident and then in recovery from the operation experiencing a stroke.

Due to the prayers of many people a miracle of healing has taken place and I find it just so wonderful and I am grateful.

Being in the Stroke Ward at Burwood Hospital allowed me to meet people and hear their stories of what has happened to them which I will never forget.

When I was able to walk with a frame I decided to not eat in my room but eat with others at the dining room table.

This proved to be such a blessing to me.

One 99 year old lady from Lyttelton waited in her house for eight hours before she was found on the floor.

Her positive attitude to the future was incredible.

An Anglican man who was a hippy and came to faith in Cathedral Square through the ministry of Ray Comfort told his story that when he went to Christchurch Hospital with a Stroke, God told him “you will be never be the same again, you will be better”. When he said those words such joy filled me and I just knew that God was speaking those same words to me.

Through all of these experiences I truly will be “better” and I look forward to what this means for me.

As many of you will have experienced, when we go through hard times God is there. We may not always see it immediately but be assured that He has our future in His hands.

Love and blessings

Margaret Sim