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1st Wednesday of the Month - 10.30 am

Communion service in the lounge.  Morning tea will be served. 

Investing in invisible threads

posted date: Friday 5th October 2018

When the unexpected happens

You will be aware that Margaret Sim broke her hip recently and that during the recovery process ‘the unexpected happened’ with Margaret having a mild stroke. Currently, she is in the Burwood Hospital Stroke Ward and may be, home a week earlier than the expected date of 19th October.

Margaret needs to be able to walk the stairs with one walking stick, before going home.

I do not intend to tell Margaret’s story but one day soon she will tell it.  

I would like us to look at the bigger picture that when the people of Avonhead Baptist Church heard of Margaret’s situation, they responded, they willingly, determinedly, called out to the Lord God.

One group came together for praise and prayer because one they cared for, was in pain. We know only too well, that when people of God pray things happen. Invisible threads.

Interestingly we cannot see those invisible threads that are sent to touch the heart of God, but when we call---He inclines His ear towards us and responds.

Investing in invisible threads.

How exciting with the ‘evening service’ as an adventure in walking by faith opening the doors that people in our community might discover the Hope that only Jesus can offer.

Take time investing in invisible threads,

In Jesus name


Iain Sim