Morning Service - 10.00 am

Sunday Night Live - 6.00 pm

1st Wednesday of the Month - 10.30 am

Communion service in the lounge.  Morning tea will be served. 

We've been dreaming

posted date: Friday 14th September 2018

We’ve been dreaming... (and planning, praying and discussing) …

It was in May this year that the church came together for a Hui asking the question, “we are full, what next”?

One of the suggestions raised was an evening service. So, a small group of people have been meeting over the last few months, praying, discussing and dreaming about what an evening service may look like. Last Sunday night we met again and agreed, with the elders blessing, to proceed.

So from 30th September, we will be starting a 6pm evening service called “Sunday Night Live”. The service will be more relaxed than our morning service. There will also be times to ask questions about the teaching, hear testimonies and worship together. After the service, along with free tea and coffee, bring your loose change along as you can buy a toastie for supper.

At the first evening service, we are blessed to have Joel and Lizzie Carter with us, sharing about their time in NZ and also their plans for 2019. So mark the date in your diary.

Also, please set aside 13th October. We are bringing Russell Watts to Christchurch to inspire us on how to share our faith. Russell is a pastor who is gifted in evangelism and inspiring other on how to share their faith. He is well worth listening to.

Finally, next Sunday 23rd September, our morning service at Avonhead Baptist will be held at the Family Camp at Glenroy. If you cannot make it to the camp on the Sunday, then bless another church by worshiping with them. Or maybe take the opportunity to meet with friends or family and share about what God is doing in your life!

It is exciting to be a part of what God is doing. I pray you will catch something of that excitement as we worship together.