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I've been saddened

posted date: Friday 7th September 2018

It has been deeply saddening for me to see the developing story around the Anglican Church in New Zealand as they wrestle with the question of whether they should bless same-sex marriages.

This is an issue that is/has been confronting all denominations and one the Baptist Churches of New Zealand decided on in 2015 at the national Baptist Hui.  The combined Baptist churches voted to affirm the definition of marriage as between a man and a woman and therefore we decided to not marry same sex couples.

For Anglican churches, this has now become a matter of national news as various Anglican congregations decide on how they react to their national body’s decision to allow each bishop to decide in their area (called a diocese), if they will or won’t allow same-sex blessings.

No matter what your perspective on this issue, the division and angst this brings to churches is heart breaking.

In reflecting on this and other contentious issues society is currently facing, can I make two observations.

1. Where you end up on any of these issues, will ultimately depend on how you approach the interpretation of the Bible. The technical term is “hermeneutics” which is “the branch of knowledge that deals with interpretation, especially of the Bible or literary texts”. That is the theological side; the “this is what we believe God/the Bible says” question.

2. However, these contentious issues all involve people; people that Jesus loves and died for. This is the pastoral side of the question. On this side we are called to love, care for and walk with people no matter what issues they are facing in life.

So, can I ask and encourage you to pray for our Anglican brothers and sisters as they wrestle with this situation. May the God of grace provide them with His wisdom in this moment.