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I've been Thinking - 12 August 2018

posted date: Friday 10th August 2018

Discipling the Nations across the Ages

For the last year this has been our mission statement. It basically means that as a church, every person, young or old, Kiwi, Asian, it does not matter, each of us are called to disciple people in what it means to love and follow Jesus.

The teaching series we are exploring at the moment, is looking at passages in Luke where Jesus is interacting with the disciples and seeking to learn how Jesus taught His disciples and what He taught them.

So often when we are reading the Bible, we are focusing on the words of Jesus, and rightly so. But have you considered the audience that Jesus is speaking to, or the fact that in the process, Jesus was teaching His disciples and preparing them for the task of discipling others and building His church when Jesus was gone?

So as you listen to this series over the next few months, consider the context, and then ask yourself this question:

How would Jesus have me disciple those people He is bringing across my path?

Food for thought.