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1st Wednesday of the Month - 10.30 am

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I've been Thinking - 25 February 2018

posted date: Friday 23rd February 2018

Last Monday, 19th February, the elders “retreated” for the day to take some time to seek God, reflecting on where the church is at, and looking ahead.

Some of our reflections:

● Thanks to God for His goodness, His leading and guiding us to this point.

● Agreement that the new pattern of all age worship on the 1st Sunday of the month, then 3 weeks of children’s ministry is a key component in Discipling the Nations Across the Ages.

● We are wrestling with the need for leaders in a number of areas of the church.

● As the numbers attending Avonhead Baptist seem to be growing, that we need to be flexible in following where God is leading us.

The elders wanted a poem (see below) that was written on the day shared, reflecting something of what we sense God is saying to us.

For the elders, Shalom


Elders Poem:

From up on high I look and see

Otatahi spread, a sea of green

Beauty framed by mountains near

Misted veils, the sun will clear


Beneath the beauty, houses stare

Lifelessly into the still hot air

Secrets kept within their walls

Muted by their inanimate form


If rooms would speak, what they have seen

Reflecting back as mirrors beam

What truth would strip back laying bare

Our rose coloured tales of lives so fair


Beneath the beauty, deep there lies

Loneliness, confusion, deep scared lives

But who can tell our stories here

Who will listen to our unspoken fears


And we, who know the Hope of the world

Rush hither and yond with meaningful smiles

Yet, busy the disease, fails to perceive

The deadly illness beneath the sweet greet


Too busy am I, or so it would seem

To hurried with small things that drag at my feet

Today I opt out, to seek some relief

To find some cure for this hurried disease!