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I've been Thinking - 26 November 2017

posted date: Friday 24th November 2017

Do you realise that it is less than a month until Christmas? And oh the joy of the busyness and stress of the season!


And in the midst of that stress, there is the real danger that we, the bearers of the message of the Christmas season, have the time squeezed out of us to continue to commune with God and be sensitive to His Spirit as we meet with people. But not just the people we meet.  Have you considered how you buy gifts? Maybe asking God to give you wisdom in the gifts that you give to whom?


Oswald Chambers makes the comment “To turn head faith into a personal possession is a fight always, not sometimes. God brings us into circumstances in order to exercise our faith.”


And I suspect that this is all the truer during this busy “silly” season.


So, as you prepare for Christmas, as you plan and bake and make sure nothing and no one is forgotten, can I encourage you to ensure that God is still a part of what all that you do.


Shalom and all the best for the Christmas season.