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I've been Thinking - 17 September 2017

posted date: Friday 15th September 2017

This week we are pleased to have John Tucker, one of the lecturers from Carey Baptist College taking a preaching seminar on Saturday and then preaching on Sunday.


It also so happens that John has been nominated to be the next Principal of Carey, so it is good timing to have him with us.


I wonder how often we think about the fact that being Baptist is more than simply a name on the front of the church. We are a part of approx. 240 other Baptist churches in New Zealand, with a wide variety of worship styles, ethnic make ups and differing theological aspects.


Yet because of our being together, by each giving a little, we are able to support and particularly fund Carey Baptist Theological College, the Baptist Missionary Society, Maori Ministries, National Youth Ministries, Ethnic Ministries and so the list goes on.


It is easy as a single church to forget that all of this happens because people give to Avonhead Baptist.  In turn, as a part of our giving as a church, we support both the Baptist Union and the Canterbury Westland Baptist Association who in turn fund these various ministries.


So, thank you to those who give to Avonhead Baptist Church and make it possible for us in turn to give and support the wider church ministries.


But also, so these ministries come to mind, please pray for them, that together, we will be all that God wants us to be. 

Also, pray for John Tucker as the churches vote on his proposed role as Principal of Carey College.